I am not indispensible. But when I wasn’t there, it didn’t get done.

I missed a meeting the other evening. I had told everyone in good time and made sure that various people had notes about items that I would have mentioned if I had been there; I’d copied them to the chairman and the secretary and spoken to a sensible person who could be trusted to make sure that a few specific decisions were made.

Nothing was time-consuming as far as the discussion and decision-making was concerned – 10 minutes at most out of a 2 hour meeting. But I discovered on Sunday (5 days later, and only because I checked) that it had all been held over to the next meeting. The meeting in October. The first decision needs to be implemented this Thursday.

Now, there were two quite important matters to discuss at the meeting, and I can quite see that not everything could be dealt with. Which was why I’d done a report, for discussion if there was time, plus an ‘action’ column, for essentials if there was not. So why did no one remember?

Stuff democracy, I’ll do what I intended people to agree to, and tell them afterwards.

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