How to enjoy the summer

I have been considering my World Cup strategy. It can, of course, be ignored altogether, but that seems a little churlish for an event that is of such importance to so many people in so many places and means you cut yourself completely out of conversations in the pub.

So I will watch some matches. And I will choose a team to support in each. The nub of the strategy is, simply, to cheer on the underdog. I think this could be a great deal more fun than becoming dreadfully partisan and, since most of those I root for are doomed to lose anyway – not every match of course, but in their groups, there is little need to feel I am jinxing their chances.

So, yay, Ecuador, well done. And go for it, Trinidad and Tobago.

My summer jollity is assured.

5 comments on “How to enjoy the summer

  1. Z

    I am indeed. Just the Norfolk side. And I’m very happy to see you mentioned Greengrocer son Al in your first post in January.

    Do tell him, when you see him. He’ll be bemused as he doesn’t read this, but he’ll pass the message on.

    Off to read your archives…….

  2. badgerdaddy


    Ooh, I posted a pic of the Gay Shopper in there somewhere, as it would be seen coming off the roundabout.

    I heard another term for a Bungalothian the other night, but was completely pissed and can’t remember it. May have been Bungalians, which phonetically works beautifully.

    I may well mention it to Alex, though I’m trying to keep this anonymous-ish so I can keep being totally, brutally honest – about myself as much as the town and its ‘characters’.


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