Hoorah for the failed wannabe maneater!

Well, the Sage has come up trumps, that’s all I can say, and it may have taken a few years but who counts the years?

I shall not beat about the bush (which can be quite uncomfortable, so I’m told) but tell you straightaway, that Bobby the leopard is in residence.  I shall give you the link to the time I Told The Tale – goodness, almost four years ago.  Here, darlings.  The comments are really cool too, please do read them.

Anyway, he’s on the landing.  I’m so thrilled, I can hardly describe.

Actually, I’m going to give the Sage one of my special chocolates.  Excuse me.

As I said in the post, I wasn’t at all sure if Bobby would prove to have become hopelessly motheaten in his years in the barn, but he looks fine.  It’s possible, now he’s in the warm, that a load of woolly bears or other caterpillars or maggots will appear, horribly, but I’m the optimistic sort on the whole, and I hope that there will be no problem.

The Sage and Jamie were busy in the workshop when I went out to my village festival meeting and I guessed what they were up to but didn’t go and look, just called out that the Sage’s kipper was ready to be put in the oven.  When I arrived home, I was led upstairs to look.  Tomorrow, I shall take a picture and show you.  Remember, darlings, this leopard was no big game trophy.  Great Uncle Ronan only killed him to save his servant’s life.  If he’d been a trophy, he’d have quietly mouldered away in the barn, not exhibited proudly.  But anyway, Bobby is part of my childhood and I love him, failed wannabe maneater though he is.

8 comments on “Hoorah for the failed wannabe maneater!

  1. Blue Witch

    Could you not put him in a (large, chest!) freezer for a while to kill off any creepy crawlies? That’s what I do with textiles of dubious origin/storage.

  2. Z

    The heirlooms aren’t the problem, Macy, it’s the husband, heroic or not!

    Picture to follow, just as soon as I’ve taken one. And I’ll address your point there, BW.

  3. Z

    100-year-old leopard sausages made of sawdust? I’ve no idea, Simon.

    I’ve nipped it – well, not in the bud but rather in full bloom – but I’ve nipped it, Tim. Z is not beat!


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