Honey and Pema

I’ve been reading Honey’s blog for a long time and, although she’d not updated for ages, her life had taken a turn for the better after great distress and difficulties and she had sounded optimistic and positive about the changes she had made. It was shocking to read, a few weeks ago, that she was very ill with breast cancer. She was also 5 months pregnant with her baby Pema, who will be born by Caesarean section on 28th July.

Honey is going through a very tough time and is on morphine – Pema will be born with symptoms of addiction and will need treatment for that as well as the care needed for a baby born 10 weeks early. Honey is receiving wonderful treatment and consideration and all possible is being done to ensure that she and Pema will be kept together, bearing in mind their medical needs.

Do think of them both on the 28th please, and of Honey’s two older children and Pema’s father Mr Man. The knowledge that candles are being lit all over the world for them on that day means a lot to Honey – will you join in please?

I’ll republish this post when I write another, and keep it at the top until Pema is safely born.

All the best, Honey – let one of the kisses you give your beautiful baby be from us.

17 comments on “Honey and Pema

  1. martina

    What an incredible lady Honey is. On my prayer list too. Like Dandelion said, her blog is uplifting/inspiring/hearbreaking all at the same time.

  2. martina

    Today is Pema’s birthday! Hope all went well. Candle was lit, prayers continue to be sent.
    Yes, Z, very grateful for what we have.


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