Hello darlings

I arrived home about an hour ago, greeted by a wine-bearing Sage who went to run me a bath.  I’m now wet-haired and dressing-gowned, about to go and sit in front of the fire with my feet up while he cooks my dinner.  Which I’ll eat sitting by the fire with my feet up.  And then I’ll have an early night, I should think.  I’ve had a fabulous few days, seen Ziggi, Mig, Barney (and most of their family) and Tim, Dodo, Wink, the Bod and his mum and met quite a few delightful cats and dogs, all of which received a cuddle or at least a stroke.  I’ve eaten a lot of delicious meals and a fair few cakes, as a result of which I hardly fit in my clothes any more (but it was worth it). And I’ve driven at least 600 miles and been driven quite a few more and now I need a bit of a rest.

See you tomorrow


Z xxx

5 comments on “Home

  1. Z

    Wiltshire, Berkshire … Norfolk. I dunno, Mike, not sure ‘civilisation’ is quite the word! Unless you meant back to blogging, of course.

    Thank you, Mig, for your marvellous hospitality. Hope you had a lovely lunch with the family xxx

  2. Z

    The blogosphere was bereft, darling. And yes I know, my fault for my fondness for symmetry. You’ll win, I’ve got a Q to be deducted from my total!


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