Home again

Well, how relaxing. I’m having Sunday lunch cooked for me and the family by my daughter and my presence in the kitchen is unneccessary. A quick enquiry was made regarding cooking time for the leg of lamb and instruction was sought on how to make mint sauce but otherwise my contribution has been to get out a bottle of wine that has been gently maturing for the last decade and a half for a special occasion.

If you are a purist who is horrified at the prospect of mint sauce being served at all, let alone at the same table as a bottle of good wine, be reassured; proper mint sauce is delicious but never touch the bought versions which are uniformly nasty in taste, texture and colour.

While I was away the daffodils came into flower, 12 chicks hatched and the pond filled with frogspawn; safe to say that spring has arrived.

Today is Al’s birthday and Tuesday will be El’s so jollity reigns.

And while I was away my husband got my car MOTd (it being its 3rd birthday yesterday), filled Ro’s car with petrol and bought him a new spare tyre. How helpful a way of demonstrating that he missed us.

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