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I’ve spent much of the evening writing letters.  Handwritten ones, that is, which is most unusual.  One is to a friend in America, who doesn’t use the internet and the other to a friend who lives near Norwich who does, but who much prefers a ‘real’ letter to an email.  LT provided me with an envelope but then I discovered that I didn’t have the address of my Norwich friend on my phone.  No matter, there’s always bt.com … Except that it now transpires that he’s ex-directory.  I know the name of the road and the village, but not the number – so he’s going to get an email after all.

i suppose people have good reasons for going ex-directory, but it’s not very helpful when a friend needs their address or phone number (I do have the latter, but I want to write, not phone).

in my younger days, I had quite a telephone phobia.  Telephobia, hmmm.  I’m over it now but I still find it a slight challenge to pick up the phone to make a call – I’ve always been fine with answering. I think it started when, as a child, I accidentally knocked the phone off the hook and a voice said “Number please?” I was terrified, slammed the phone down and ran away.  I probably would again, actually.

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  1. Mike and Ann.

    I find it quite exciting these days to receive a real letter ( in writing – by a human correspondent) through the post. Had one this morning from daughter who blogs as Nea. A full side (quarto size) to thank us for something or other. Lovely to receive such an epistle.

  2. Z Post author

    Yes, so do I, but I much prefer to type than write by hand nowadays, unless it’s a brief letter of thanks, condolences, congratulations,etc. My American friend Sheila is going to have to decipher the long letter I sent her today, though.


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