Hippy Anniversary

It’s been a whole year.  I’ve been looking back at the post I wrote as soon as I was back in my room after the operation.  It’s short, but worth reading for the lovely comments, for which, thank you again.  I was so damn chirpy, wasn’t I.  I’d built myself up into quite a high, having managed to go, in a week or two, from extreme reluctance to have the operation to a gung-ho state that might be more usually associated with a bungee jumper (that is forbidden to me, by the way, as is parachuting).

The coffee morning was very jolly.  I got up late and so didn’t make a cake, so took marmalade instead.  Tim has finally got Seville oranges in and I’ll make a batch tomorrow.  Sally, our hostess, had made cakes, rock buns, flapjacks and biscuits, so it was as well that I’d not eaten any breakfast in preparation.  I don’t usually not eat breakfast, I hasten to add.  I’ve gone off porridge a bit for now, so usually have a poached egg on virtuously unbuttered toast.  Buttered toast would be nicer, but I’m showing the lack of recent cycling with a gain in weight.  I’m wary of cycling if the weather is cold, just now, as I keep getting a blocked feeling in my ears (as I mentioned two or three weeks ago), which then shifts and makes me dizzy.  It’s not bad, and it’s the equivalent of blocked sinuses and I know that the doctor will just recommend a decongestant, so I just leave it.

I feel that it’s the anniversary of getting my life back.  I’m very grateful.  I feel for those people whose implants have not been successful.  Manufacturers are always on the look-out for new and better ones, but sometimes they turn out to be potentially unsafe, particularly the all-metal ones.  I hope my other hip doesn’t start to go, but there’s no point fussing about it, it will or it won’t.  If I get a few active years before the downward lurch to another op, then I’ll be happy.  It’s not the new hip, it’s the gradual deterioration that’s the downer – but the main thing is, it’s completely treatable.  I’m absolutely fine now, and – well – I’m glad and grateful.  I’ll go back for a checkup and another x-ray with Mr C in a few weeks, and I’ll tell him.

11 comments on “Hippy Anniversary

  1. Dave

    Ah. I see I didn’t congratulate you at the time. Perhaps I was away from home (as I shall be next week, on my annual retreat [don’t tell anyone]).

    Erm… congratulations.

  2. Alienne

    It has obviously made a huge difference to your life. And if the other one goes then at least you are forewarned and know what you can do to cope with and alleviate it until you can have that replaced too.

  3. Z

    I assumed the other one was fine, until they both hurt differently when I went for a brisk 3-mile walk on wet grassy paths three weeks ago. It was a couple of weeks before they stopped making their presence felt. May be nothing, I’m not assuming a problem, but I’m wanting to see that x-ray.

    Best to live in the moment and enjoy now. Which is a good time.

  4. Christopher

    Goodness, is it a year already? I remember you practically live-blogging the whole incident (in between the hip puns) plus photos of some pretty livid flesh. But you give the impression of it having been a total success, which bodes well (*touches wooden leg*) for the future. So pleased for you.

  5. Vagabonde

    I read your comments on Sixtyfivewhat now, which you must have been writing as I was writing mine. I wish everyone here in the US would read your comment – that is, health care in the US sucks and other countries take better care of their citizens. Unfortunately the American public reads very little and believes what the corporation owned media tells them. I see you had an operation and I am pleased that it went well. In 2000 I had an injury at work in my knee, I have a bad tear in my meniscus (the hard cartilage around the knee.) The insurance then did not want to pay for an operation – result – I am in pain a lot of the time, cannot run and go down steps very slowly. Young people make foolish choices – I wonder why I ever left my hometown of Paris in the 60s to travel to the US….

  6. Z

    I wish everyone here would read Rosaria’s post. We grumble about the NHS, sometimes with good reason, but it’s wonderful. I’ve got two friends in the local cottage hospital right now, on the NHS – in one case free for a fortnight, in the other indefinitely – the long-term one has had exhaustive tests done to find out his rare illness and his treatment will be free for life. And, because he has to retire early, he’ll receive a disability pension. We expect it and take it for granted, thank goodness. Thanks for calling by, Vagabonde.

  7. Mike and Ann

    Dear Z,
    I smashed my left knee (among other things) in a road accident in ’69. The knee joint was replaced six years ago, since when I’ve been more comfortable, and active, than at any time in the previous thirty years or so. So I know just how you feel. Thank God for the N.H.S. and advances in medical technology, say I.
    Regards, Mike.

  8. luckyzmom

    At about the same point you are at, I started having discomfort in my other hip and was pretty much convinced I would have to have it replaced soon also. When I went to my annual follow up visit with Dr P he said my xrays looked just fine and that the discomfort I was experiencing was from my muscles. I wish the same 4 U.


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