You may have noticed that I stayed away an extra day, but I was back in time to practise the hymns worriedly and, in the five minutes before the service started, choose the incidental music. Then, when it came down to it, I suddenly changed my mind for the closing voluntary and decided to play something flamboyant. Well, wouldn’t you?

I’ve had a very productive few days and now know every inch of the flat extremely well, having painted and cleaned it all. That is, I didn’t paint all of it myself as I had some help from a lovely and fabulous friend, who turned up at after 7.30 in the evening, cheerily worked for several hours and then stayed to chat, to the extent that the last bus was gone and she took an extremely expensive taxi. That is, it must have been, but she paid for it so I don’t know.

I finally gave the stairs their second coat of paint, having presciently brought all my stuff downstairs, and changed into clean clothes in the hallway. Of course, I couldn’t wash my painty hands, so had to wipe them on my jeans before changing. I was, by then, half an hour later than the latest I’d meant to me, so I arrived at my next destination half an hour late as well.

I don’t usually arrive at parties dotted with paint, but endeavored to behave as if my appearance was normal and everyone was too polite to say anything about it, and I had an extremely jolly time. Sadly, I had to leave early (terribly rude, arriving late and leaving early) to catch my train. I hope I shall be forgiven and invited next year, when I shall be better prepared and take scones and strawberry jam, or maybe Party Rings and a bar of chocolate.

I have been on the receiving end of vast hospitality and kindness. Thank you, dear Dandelion.

17 comments on “Hello!

  1. Z

    Sweet? To swan in, eat most of the cake and pizza, drink wine and then declare I’ve got a train to catch and sweep off again lugging half a hundredweight of suitcase? Cheeky, more like.

  2. Dandelion

    If you had eaten most of the cake, z, that would have been over ten slices. Now, that would have been impressive!

    Thank you so much for coming, dear z, I was so glad you were able to make it. And you are definitely on the guest list for next year 🙂

  3. Z

    Well, I exaggerated how much I ate, but I rather glossed over the wine consumption. And I didn’t overstate the weight of the suitcase, it felt like a 25 kilo sack of potatoes.

  4. Dandelion

    Yes, I did worry about the suitcase. I should have got my friend to drive you. I hope the journey wasn’t too tortuous. Also, I’ve just realised I didn’t get round to playing the special East Anglian music I sourced in your honour…

  5. How do we know

    🙂 You are soo sweet.. it will be nice whenever u r around.. paint or no paint..

    Sorry i could not create a post about Ro’s website.. my mind was elsewhere at that time.. Is now too late?

  6. Z

    Oh that’s interesting – the background has turned white and I didn’t do anything. Last night it was pale yellow.

    The journey was fine, thank you. Was it the Singing Postman? The Miss From Diss, perhaps? If I’d stayed long enough to get drunk, I could have led you all in a rousing chorus of Hev You Got A Light, Bor?

    HDWK – you are so on my list of people to visit when I’m in India, though I don’t know when that will be next. No, it’s not too late, and you know, do you, that the whole bag project was inspired by one brought back from India?

  7. Dave

    It’s a long time since I wrote it, and I’m not completely sure what was on my mind, but I think the word ‘sweet’ referred to the ‘vast hospitality and kindness’ rather than to your behaviour, z.

  8. Z

    Two monosyllables didn’t quite convey your full intention, Dave. Indeed, sweet.

    Known as Oinobs in our house, for obvious reasons.


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