Happy Christmas, darlings.

Thank you, friends, for your Christmas messages. And to you too, a happy Christmas and much to look forward to.

Alex and co came over this evening, and we gave them tea – sausages and cake, mostly, which went down pretty well with everyone. What’s not to like, after all? They went off to the carol service which, sorry to say, I skipped, because Rose had invited us next door for a drink. We’ve all been coughing and languishing somewhat, so it took until this evening, we’ve been postponing every day, but we finally managed some woo-hoo and jollity.

And, as I’d said, I went to Norwich to meet up with (I know, awful expression but ‘meet’ doesn’t quite cut the mustard) Weeza and co yesterday, and then Wink will arrive in the morning and so will Ro and co, so I’ve seen all the family and then we’ll all be together on the 30th. 16 of us, including the bun in the oven. I’ve got as far ahead as I can today and it’ll be an easy morning tomorrow. I don’t care for stress at Christmas. Having observed my mother, I know that a cheerful, relaxed matriarch makes a happy family. It’s not about perfection at the cost of tranquillity.

It’s occurred to me where Jesus got the idea of feeding the five thousand from. He watched someone cook 2 pounds of red cabbage and it filled an 8 pint casserole dish, even after it was cooked. A year’s supply at least. I wonder if chickens like red cabbage….

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    1. Z Post author

      Thank you – another six weeks to go. Dora is looking forward to finishing work, she’s a tiny lass and late pregnancy is a challenge, though she feels pretty well.


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