Happy Birthday, Pugsley

Just back from delivering Meals on Wheels.  The husband of one of our customers died recently, and the poor lady is struggling.  They were married for 70 years, she appreciates their good fortune in having each other so long, but it’s not much consolation now that she’s left alone.  She looks terrible, great dark shadows all around her eyes, although she’s putting on a brave face.  The only consolation I know to offer is to say what a happy life she gave him and how well she looked after him.

My mother used to get cross about couples who niggled and carped at each other.  Having been twice widowed herself, she thought that they should appreciate each other and overlook minor annoyances.  She was not talking about unhappy couples of course, but those who forgot how lucky they were.

Off to Year 9 music this afternoon.  And then Pugsley and family are coming round for birthday cake.  

14 comments on “Happy Birthday, Pugsley

  1. Mrs Rine

    Z, you are just the perfect example of the saying, “If you want something done, ask a busy person”! If only you could bottle your energy and enthusiasm you could make a fortune!

  2. Z

    Energy? I spend most of my time lounging about doing nothing, darling. If I didn’t push myself to take things on, I’d have no reason to move from my armchair.

    Chris will be most appreciative, Dave. And we’re all full of admiration at your self-control.

  3. Z

    It was, thank you. And he’s delightful on his birthday (not that he isn’t normally, but especially). He is full of thanks and happiness and he’s had a lovely time.

  4. Z

    All Lowestoft china of course – expected prices range from about £200 – £700, depending on pattern. The straight-sided one is the most valuable.

  5. allotmentqueen

    Blimey, I’ve just looked at the online catalogue. That guglet is rather expensive, especially for something that’s been glued back together! Hope you’re keeping it somewhere safe.

  6. Mike and Ann

    Ref the row of coffee cups, I think we’ve got a little vase thingy of much the same pattern as the one on the second left of the photo. When we’re next in your area, may we drop in and (a) show it you, and (b) pick your brains on it?

  7. Z

    They started with blue and white, but then started making polychrome a few years later.

    Yes, of course you’re welcome. Does it have a decorator’s number underneath?

  8. Mike and Ann

    Hello Z. I’ve just put a couple of photos of it up on my blog. See what you think. I’d be very grateful for your or the Sage’s opinion (don’t worry about being tactful).
    Regards, Mike.


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