Happy birthday, Al

Zerlina and Gus have come to stay for a couple of days.  Actually, it’s their mother’s birthday on Tuesday and their Uncle Al’s today and, once your children reach a Certain Age, it can be very difficult to know what to get them for a present.  So, to each of them, I suggested an evening out.  I’d pay, whether it’s dinner, theatre, whatever and we’d babysit, either at their house or by bringing the children here, as well.  I’d certainly have appreciated it when I had small children.

Both accepted the idea with pleasure, so it’s in the pipeline as there’s no date restriction, of course.  And this week, Al and family are on holiday and Weeza is working as usual, which is the reason the children are staying.  We are going to make a cake for mummy’s birthday and, on Tuesday, we’re going to Norwich for some cultural this’n’that at the museum.

Today, we’ve got more work done in the kitchen garden.  LT weeded the peas and I raked the redundant squash bed, ready to sow the grass seed.  Having bought a kilo, it needed to be scattered equally so I measured 100 grams at a time, divided the area into roughly 3 by 3 sections, plus a small extra bit, and we broadcast the seed.  Then I raked it again, put the sprinkler on for a while, then we covered it with fleece, weighted down at the edges (off the bed) by planks.

We’re going to replace a rather saggy wire fence on the east side of the kitchen garden, which has become desperately overgrown with brambles and nettles.  The old one is being removed, which is painful.  But we’ll get there.

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