Happy Barryday

Weeza and Zerlina came over today.  Zerlina came bustling through to the kitchen, wearing an apron and declaring an intention to make cakes.  I settled her at the table and asked what we need.  “A sandwich” she said.  We worked out the ingredients and utensils and set to.  Handed an egg, she tapped it twice on the edge of a bowl and they started to pull it apart,  I hastily put the bowl underneath her hands, and the contents successfully landed.  We made a Victoria sponge and flapjacks, then went to buy sprinkles (hundreds and thousands and mini lemon and orange slices) and icing sugar, which I’d forgotten to get.

All in all, we ate rather a lot of cake and flapjacks today.

It was decided that Barry was about due for a birthday, so we lit a candle and sang to him.  Waiting for her slice, Zerlina actually drooled, fortunately on the table.

Later, when Zerlina was having her nap (she still sleeps for at least an hour after lunch every day), we were talking about the children.  All three of them are delightful at present, very happy, eating and sleeping well,  a real pleasure – “odd how you’re all going to make your lives difficult again with a new baby each,” I remarked.  We pondered a bit.

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