Half a year already

Online shopping is just too easy, innit?  I spent half an hour effortlessly spending £100 or so this morning – I’d have done it just as well in Norwich but driving, parking, searching for what I wanted would have taken me four times as long and cost me more.  I bought from real suppliers, not Amazon, if that can make me less deserving of condemnation, but I don’t suppose so.

I heard on the radio today that – as we know – banks are justifying closing branches because we bank on the internet.  Yes, I do, but then there is one bank open three days a week in Yagnub and the building society is closing soon too.  Less than five years ago, there were three high street banks and I used all of them, but I don’t have the option now that two and a half of them have closed, so I go online too.  Which reminds me, I have an actual cheque that I meant to pay in today and I forgot.  I’ll have to do it on Monday.

I called on my friend Mike this afternoon.  I haven’t seen him for months, and he used to drop in quite regularly.  I didn’t realise for a while but, when I did, was rather concerned.  I was sure I’d have heard if there was anything seriously wrong but thought I’d go and see him – he’s about fifteen minutes drive away – rather than phone.  And he was in, and was fine, but was unable to drive for a while because he’d had two cataract operations and had double vision for a while after the second one.  I wished I’d done something about it sooner, I feel I’ve not been much of a friend.  But now we’ve reconnected, we’ll see more of each other.

Lovely Tim and I have been married for six months today.  We’re unfussed about anniversaries, or at least, about precise dates.  But I’ve put a bottle of our wedding champagne in the fridge for tomorrow, when he comes home.

2 comments on “Half a year already

  1. Glenda

    Glad you have had a happy 6 months. Yes, online ordering is just too easy. Except for clothes. I need to touch the fabric to see if I really will wear it.

    1. Z Post author

      I agree, I buy clothes in shops too. Though I have bought cashmere jumpers online because I know what cashmere feels like.


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