Granny’s being taken to the zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow

… as Julie Felix didn’t sing.

I abandoned Charlotte today, because I went to see a friend for lunch.  I did make her a sandwich for her lunch though.  I didn’t mention, she badly hurt her hand a couple of months ago (forgot you’re supposed to pick up a carving knife by its handle) and it still isn’t better – that is, the skin has healed but she can’t use it yet.  Can you imagine, living alone and not having the use of your right hand?  Obv, if you’re right-handed…

Even to butter ready-sliced bread, you need to steady it with one hand while buttering it with the other.  So anyway, I slapped on butter and smoked salmon.  That was it.  I cut it into quarters, covered the plate and put it back in the fridge.  Full hostess mode, hey.  I’m going out again tomorrow, and she plans to go into town and hit the charity shops and also to do a recce at the local takeaways, because she says that dinner is on her.

We’ve talked and talked.  The Sage startled me by talking broad Norfolk to her – of course, I knew that he could, but that didn’t mean I’ve ever heard him do so.  I’ve told her of the few but, to her, precious memories I have of her beloved Granny, who died in January 1963 and that led on to more conversation about all sorts of people from our pasts.

And, as implied, I’m off with the family to the zoo tomorrow morning.  If I were to sneak into the monkey cage, do you think anyone would notice?

Ooh, I almost forgot.  I got the highest word score I probably ever will get at Scrabble, this evening.  TRILOBAL on two triples, 140 points.  If Rog beats me now, I shall be deeply impressed.

15 comments on “Granny’s being taken to the zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow

  1. martina

    How wonderful that you can share your memories of Charlotte’s grandmother with her! It probably means more to Charlotte than you are aware.

  2. Gledwood

    TRILOBAL? That’s a good one. I’m trying for TRIPOLAR with my shrinko tomorrow. (Far more interesting than “bipolar” or whatever other polars or schizo-s or personality disorders he might have up that charmingly tailored sleeve of his…

  3. Z

    She has a lot of cousins, but there aren’t many people outside her family who remember her grandmother, I suppose.

    I spared you the details, Gledwood, they were not nice, especially as the young doctor at A&E at the Dutch hospital really hashed things up. Good luck with your appointment today, and it’s great to see that you feel up to reading blogs at present.

    I’m not afraid, Dave – it’ll run away. It’s a chicken beast.

  4. Mike and Ann

    Congratulations on that triple- triple score, Z. It’s rare in the extreme to be able to do so. I’ve seen four of them in well over forty years of playing the game. I’ve always dreamt of putting something like ‘QUIZZING’ (one Z a blank of course) down a triple-triple, but in practice when it happens it’s in fairly low scoring letters – but they don’t half tot up, though.

  5. Pat

    Oh God How I envy your scrabble coup. My highest has been 85 and a ruddy miracle at that.
    Don’t blow kisses at the gorilla – the keepers don’t like it.
    I wonder whatever happened to Julie Felix. I’ll bet David Frost knows.

  6. Mike and Ann

    P.s. ref triple-triple ‘QUIZZING’ plus 50 for using all seven letters, well I’ve just been doing the adding up -which I’m rotten at-and it looks as if it comes to 383 points!!!! Oh well, nice pipe dream.

  7. sablonneuse

    I’m wondering why you’d want to slip into the monkey cage. I always wanted one as a pet when I was little but think it could be a bit difficult to cope with several at a time.

  8. Z

    Trilobal is an adjective describing that something has three lobes. A clover leaf is trilobal.

    I didn’t go in the monkey cage, but I did engage in conversation with a howler monkey. It was in the eye contact rather than the voice, however.

    Mike, it depends on where the letter falls that makes up the eighth letter. In my word, the L was. so I got a double on O. You’d score nothing for one of the Zs, and either 10 or 20 for the other before the double tripling, so the eventual score would depend on that.

  9. allotmentqueen

    This scrabble thing is way too complicated for me!!

    How was the zoo? I’ve been to Milton Keynes today – can’t say I was over impressed. BMX track was seriously not good, and we’re not keen on the race track along all the roads with innumerable roundabouts, although it did look like you could cycle just about anywhere very easily. But then we went to Bletchley Park which was fab. Arrived a bit too late to see everything properly but we can go back anytime in the next 12 months free – but 13 year old son (who is, to be fair, quite interested in history) was well impressed and wants to return – now how many of you can say they know a 13-year old who wants to return for another visit to a museum, eh?


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