Goodness gracious Z

I have the Fug Girls to thank for this divine piece of film. If you think the dancing is good, wait until you get to the singing. And the trousers – I have no words to describe the trousers.

28 comments on “Goodness gracious Z

  1. Z

    Ephelba – lovely to meet you, but pants are underwear, you know. Knickers. Panties.

    Did anyone get as far as listening to the singing? Or were you all just too enthralled by Joan in her leather leggings?

  2. luckyzmom

    She was obviously poured into those and had to have them scraped off, whatever you call them. I doubt they were leather. I would think they were some imitation leather with a lot of stretch. And, yes, I made it through the whole song!
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention;)

  3. martina

    I don’t think leather can stretch that much-must have been naugahyde or leather-look vinyl slacks. Hasn’t Joan Collins always been around 58 years old?

  4. Dave

    Z: I fear we may have been rumbled. A text exchange between 1 and 3 this morning with a mutual friend (who was a little drunk) suggests she knows what you’ve been up to. Flee!!

  5. Z

    I suspected they were pleather – but what about the singing? WHAT ABOUT THE SINGING?. Or are you all just too polite?

    Dave, oh no! – hang on, what I’VE been up to? Excuse me? Are you ducking out on me here? Am I going to find a whole lot of expletives deleted over there? Are you a man or a mouse?

    For answers to these questions – oh hang, I’m going to have breakfast.

  6. Z

    I like the bit about half a minute in, when she thinks he’s going to swing her around again but he’s already turned away.

  7. Dave

    Go and photograph some nice tea-cups. You may need them to placate someone who is going to be very cross with you tomorrow evening.

  8. Z

    I needed to check whether the singing was as bad as I thought it was.

    Al’s borrowed my camera. He’s found his queen, you know, and painted her.

    It’s your own fault for taking your mobile to bed with you. Mine stays downstairs and I’m not woken up in the small hours, or distracted from what I’m doing, by people who are cross with me. They recover their usual sweet nature and good spirits by the morning. Usually.

  9. Dave

    I don’t really think she’s cross. I’m just winding you up.

    I’ve only taken my mobile to my bedroom twice. Both times I was woken at 1 by a text.

  10. Z

    You’ve not been telling any more jokes though, I’ve noticed.

    Maybe you always receive texts at 1 am, but you only know that if you’ve taken the phone to bed with you.

    Ah, another comment

  11. Z

    I don’t think I’d have been able to sleep again after that unsettling, yet strangely exciting sight.

    I was still awake at 1 am. But I wasn’t taking photos of nude china. My phone doesn’t take photos for one thing.

  12. Z

    I was suggesting that you might not have. If it had been me, I’d have gone and made a cup of tea, but I expect you went and did some more packing.

  13. Z

    As one can put whatever time one want on a post, I don’t take any notice of the time. Is that when you posted it then? Id will be remorseful for having woken you up, but you are far too charming to mind.

  14. Dave

    Indeed. The last time it happened I told her not to worry. I’d had to wake up anyway, because the ‘phone was ringing.

    Mind you, three times in the early hours this morning I’d dropped off, only to be awoken again. After that I only dozed before getting up at 4.30 to browse the net.

  15. Z

    Well, she sort of chanted a song, out of tune. Good point though, to call it ‘singing’ is rather overstating it.

  16. sablonneuse

    Let me support you over the singing,Z. It was terrible! I had to wonder whether she could hear the accompaniment because she certanly wasn’t ‘with it’ – or was she miming to someone else’s voice anyway?

  17. Z

    Thank you, Sandy! I think it was her own voice – surely, if they were going to dub it they’d find someone who could hold a tune?

    Actually, the trousers – actually, I think Ephelba is right, they are definitely pants! – may show off her legs but I don’t think they are very flattering.


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