Goodbye to all that

It feels a little odd. I’ve been a governor at the village school for eighteen years and have just been to my last governors’ meeting. Things are going very well there, so I decided to quit, before the next crisis comes along.

I joined as a parent governor, a couple of terms before my son started his education there (this was all right, it’s allowed for in the eligibility rules). The then Rector rang me up and asked me if I would consider being a governor – rather flattered (for I was young and naive in those days), I said yes. And then he asked if I would be clerk as well. I felt i could hardly say no. So, the first meeting I attended, I took the minutes for.

At that time, there were 24 pupils, aged 4 – 9, at the school. My son became the 25th. By the time he left, there were 56 children there, and a couple of years later there were 76. It is a tiny school on a very small site and, in a couple of years, a new school will be built on the field opposite – nicely in time for Squiffany to attend.

We’ve had our ups and downs. Four years ago the chairman of governors died suddenly. At the time we were going through considerable problems, with governor and staff resignations, a temporary headteacher and dwindling pupil numbers. I became chairman, I knew what to do (I’m good in an emergency, if at no other time) and, with support from parents, staff and the Local Education Authority and the Diocesan Board of Education, we pulled things round pretty quickly. I never want to go through a time like that again though, and that is why I’m going now. But I really don’t know whether to be relieved or sorry.

I’m putting a brave face on it though, we’re having parties!

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  1. Z

    It’s been really important to me, but sometimes very tough. I’ve been busy in the last year making myself dispensable, they won’t miss me – except my flirting with the Local Authority officials, that has been mentioned, I’m very afraid, in the minutes.

    Helped to get us our new school though, and I meant every flutter…


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