Good night

This evening, Ro and I sped the 25 or so miles to Snape Maltings to a piano recital by Alfred Brendel. I’ve been listening to a good deal of piano music recently, which is something I hadn’t done for a long time, and it feels like a homecoming.

We had supper beforehand and amused ourselves watching and listening to the other concert-goers. We both sat in our own little worlds for a while before catching each other’s eye and realising that we were each thinking the same thing, so after that we exchanged views on dress-sense, cut-glass accents and clichés. Ro looked around, wondering if there was anyone else under the age of 27, but we couldn’t spot a likely suspect. He was amused and impressed that his ticket, being in that age group, was half the price of mine.

I bumped into friends who were unsurprised to see the Sage had not accompanied me. I explained that he is coming to a concert next week and I suspect he won’t enjoy it all (possibly not ‘at’ all), but that makes it all the more friendly that he is going to join me.

I had yet another Saturday morning in the shop, and we were very busy. It always happens that the shop fills, we scurry around serving for a while (most customers help themselves, but there are always some who appreciate service) and adding bills, and then the shop completely empties for a few minutes. This is a Good Thing, as you get a chance to fill shelves, but I can never work out how it happens – it seems to be random, but what makes 4 or 5 come in at one time rather than a few minutes apart?
Next week, I will not be on duty as I am going to have coffee with the group that went to Krakow, which will be a pleasure.

That’s about it. A quiet weekend. The first tomatoes are ripe and I’ll pick them tomorrow, I’ll play the organ for the church service and I’ll do as little as possible otherwise. Then, London on Monday.

Have a good Sunday, all of you.

I did this – I am smarter than 99.02% of the rest of the world.
Find out how smart you are. – having got it from Lionel d’Lion. Well, there you go.

8 comments on “Good night

  1. Lionel

    Less than 1% getting all 25 right isn’t a good sign, is it?

    I am congratulating you heartily (and am kicking myself at having entered the wrong answer to the easiest question).

  2. Z

    Getting all 25 right is the sign of someone who doesn’t get out very much. Or that of a bit of a git. One trivial slip is much more classy.

    What I’d love, 4D, is to be able to sit down and simply play the piano. I have to have the music in front of me. I bet your grandad could play off the cuff.

  3. Z

    I am sure you’ll be working harder than I am, BD. If things go as planned, I’ll be whizzing around a bit, but in a very relaxed way.


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