Good news, as far as it goes

I’ve been terribly anxious about the doctor’s appointment today – and now, I hardly know what to think.  I’m pleased and relieved, but also puzzled and anxious.

Russell\s x-ray and scan have shown nothing to explain the weight loss.  No sign of cancer nor anything else – there’s a lesion on a kidney which is unexplained, but not a lot else.  The doctor doesn’t know, but is contacting the consultant to ask what will happen next.  All that has happened is that more bad things have been ruled out.

Too tired to write more, but I wanted to thank you for your kind wishes.  We’re in a better place than we expected to be tonight, but still in limbo.  I made Cake after dinner, to stuff a few extra calories into R – and to me – and I’m having another early night.

10 comments on “Good news, as far as it goes

  1. sablonneuse

    All good wishes to you both. No doubt you’ll be worried until you know the reason for his weightloss but, hopefully it’s nothing serious. I think you have every reason to be optimistic after the results so far.


  2. Z Post author

    Yes, thanks, encouraging as far as it goes. He’s had a good day, I’ve had a bad one – the reaction – it’s ok.

  3. PixieMum

    Just sending our best wishes to you both, cannot offer much food advice except try six small meals and lots of snacks.

    Could send the recipe for pineapple fruit cake, suspect it is quite calorific.

  4. Blue Witch

    Thinking of you both and hoping that you have some definite information that helps makes sense of this puzzling situation soon.

    Nuts are a good source of widespread goodness and calories (without the negative sugar effects of many other things), if Russell likes them.

  5. Z Post author

    I’m just feeding him what and when he likes – and eating when I can bear to. Fruit cake would be more nourishing than sponge, Madeleine, and the cake is delicious – thank you. Russell likes nuts, but he has never really been one for snacking. He’s eating eggs, which is a help.

  6. Roses

    Sounds like you really are going through the wringer!

    Sending you masses of good wishes in big, bright bows.

    Cashews are awesome.


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