Going for the positive

  1. Really good NADFAS lecture on jewellery from around the world and from pre-history until almost the present day.  I was asked to give the vote of thanks and it was a pleasure.
  2. We weeded half of the peas and all the spinach and swiss chard.  Go us.
  3. Meanwhile, young Stevo and his mate Damon  took up some slabs and cleared a patch next to them, with a view to relaying that whole area.
  4. Unexpectedly, a blisteringly hot day, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it is followed by a rainstorm – which would be welcome.  Even the broad bean plants are drooping – or rather, they were.  i’ve watered them.
  5. My clarinet lesson went really well and I played without stopping for three-quarters of an hour.  Considering I haven’t played at all for about six weeks, that’s quite surprising and gratifying.

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