Glowering with a smile

I’m sorry to say that I am in an absolutely filthy temper. No one has noticed as I’ve been quiet and plastered a pleasant expression on my face. I really rather want to pick up my wine glass, half full is it is, and hurl it at the wall.

What is going on?

4 comments on “Glowering with a smile

  1. PI

    Entertaining is always tiring no matter how much you like them and it can be unsettling. I wish I wasn’t such a grouch. Tonight I was watching the Strictly come Dancing programme and thought I should smile more and sat aa long as I could with a vacuous smile on my face. Decided I can only do it when the spirit moves – unless one was acting a part.

  2. jen

    perhaps a refill is in order? i someone giving you a hard time?

    seriously, z, i heart you. this too shall pass, whatever’s come over you.


  3. laurel

    dunno. but everyone gets that way. you’re just all out of nice for awhile.
    I really detest having to ‘plaster a pleasant expression on my face’ when I am feeling in a foul mood.
    Time for Z to spoil Z. šŸ™‚

  4. Z

    Thank you all, you are lovely. Partly, I was tired (and hadn’t had any time alone for the last couple of days and I do need some time to myself) and partly, I feel very bad about upsetting someone, and having to do it in a way that was not of my choosing.


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