Gardners Leave

And jolly dull it is around here now.  It was lovely to meet them all at last and I’m really pleased that Ben settled down at last yesterday and showed he can be a very nice dog and not a rather annoyingly whirling dervish all the time.

Back to the five things

1 The rain turned to sleet and then snow.  We’d all hoped that spring was arriving but the forecast is pretty depressing.

2 The road into Yagnub is closed for several weeks because they’re repairing a bridge, so we have to go round by the bypass.  It trebles the journey, which we never allow time for because we generally forget about the closure, both going into town and out again, and have to turn round.

3 I’ve been flower-arranging in the church this afternoon.  It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow (actually, it’s Mothering Sunday, but since it’s treated as Mother’s Day, I’m going to call it that.  Mothering Sunday is actually a church thing, not actual mothers) but we don’t now know how many families will turn up.  It’s an hour earlier than usual, I’m not sure why, and although it was in the village magazine the school apparently didn’t send out a reminder.  I suspect people will arrive just in time for coffee and posies.

4 After Phil & Lisa & co left, Dilly arrived with the children, then Al turned up after work to look after Hadrian while she took the other two swimming.  He said that there have been several postmen off sick, so he’s done at least two rounds every day.  He had a message from his boss asking for help: they were short-staffed again today.  He got back to the depot to find piles of post because of Mother’s Day.  So he worked until it was done.

5 Gosh, it’s far too quiet.  

10 comments on “Gardners Leave

  1. martina

    I just read Phil’s blog describing their vacation at the Zedary. Wow! Sounds like a good time was had by all. Might have to arm wrestle Amelie, as I’d also like to do an extended stay at the Zedary.

  2. janerowena

    Me too. I love the greenhouse set-up, and the swan photo. It isn’t all flat in East Anglia – I live at the bottom of a small hill. Well, probably a large hillock actually. Maybe Z should do B&Bs?

  3. Z

    Excellent, Phil, she’s making me a cake for Mother’s Day right now.

    Room for all, Martina, and Amelie will love Kippy.

    It sounds awful, putting all those chickens in a greenhouse, but it is a 40 foot greenhouse, and while it’s so cold, it’s a good place for them. Once they’re out, a good clear-out and the windows washing will be in order!

    No I haven’t, Rog, but I’ve left a phone message asking how Mike is and sending love from all of us. When I hear from Ann, I’ll report back.

    That’d drive me nuts, Mig! Bad enough having the journey trebled (which isn’t as bad as it sounds, of course, because it’s only a mile normally), but at least we know what we should expect.


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