Fuzzy world

I’m losing my marbles. Or is that something you knew already? I arrived for my afternoon shopkeeping shift and realised, when I couldn’t read any of the labels on the shelves, that I hadn’t put in my contact lenses this morning. I’m sorry to say that I’d just driven in to town without noticing that details were a bit fuzzy. Of course, when slightly shortsighted, one can see everything, it’s just that the edges are nicely rounded and out of focus.

It seems that the old Co-op shop, which has been empty for nearly two years, is to be opened as a factory (ie cheap) shop. This will be splendid. There is a branch of the same company nine miles ago and it does good business, so this should bring eager customers flocking to Yagnub and I’m sure that many of them will stay to stroll around, go to drink cups of tea and buy lots of local vegetables.

That reminds me, the first box of Norfolk rhubarb came in this morning and was nearly all sold by the end of the day. I meant to bring home the last few stalks but forgot. I did remember an excellent local (grown by Fred) cauliflower and that formed the basis of dinner.

More concrete path being put in tomorrow. There’s still rather a lot to do. I said I’d draw a diagram of the veggie garden and I haven’t yet. I realise that I don’t know how to post it once it’s done. I’ve an embarrassed feeling that I’ll end up drawing it on graph paper, taking a photo and posting that. I know I’m a fool.

I’ve also got a post for Penny in the process of being written. I know what’ll happen. I’ll spend ages drafting it, then ignore the draft and write the whole thing in one go. Spontaneity being my watchword and all that.

Back in the shop tomorrow morning. Saturday mornings are extremely busy, though at least there will be three of us – only two tills and scales, but at least there’s someone to stack shelves and carry bags to people’s cars.

It’s early I know, but after a relaxing hour listening to the divine Tom L., I’m ready for bed. ‘Night, darlings.

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  1. Z

    I appreciate being read so carefully. I might have noticed and changed it this morning. As it is, it will stand proudly there in all its peculiar English.



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