Fun at the fair

Since the good Daddy will have finished his race at least half an hour ago, I’m slightly disappointed that he hasn’t yet told me how he got on. Perhaps he’s busy signing autographs and stuff.

Yesterday, I went to the village school Christmas Fair (all right to use the C word now that it’s December, I hope?). Squiffany and Pugsley both went to sleep after lunch, so it was getting latish in the proceedings when we set off and I didn’t buy much on the stalls. I put my name to a few things though, which proved expensive.

Some years ago, the Sage was asked to auction some items given for the fair – you know, the PTA muggins goes round local businesses asking for raffle prizes, and so generous are people round here that there were more than were really needed. The Sage suggested a silent auction would do better, as it would attract people all afternoon – that is, put sheets of paper out describing the lots and ask people to put their name and the sum offered on the sheet. It can become quite competitive. The then Head didn’t think much of the idea at the time, until a tableful of vouchers and prizes added a couple of hundred pounds to the takings.

So they’ve done it ever since. Tickets to the swimming pool, playbarn, zoo etc, vouchers from shops, tickets to an Ipswich Town football match, a couple of tonnes of gravel (a promise, it wasn’t dumped in the village hall), as well as actual goods, like a large teddy bear called Brian (a very naughty boy, I understand), a vase and other goodies.

I came away with a leather shoulder bag and wallet, both slim and suitable for wearing when cycling (this has been a minor nuisance up to now), a voucher from the pet shop and a crate of St Peter’s Brewery beer. Fortunately, I had my cheque book on me, as I wasn’t carrying £40 in cash. Dilly spent another £20-odd, so they did well out of us.

There were knowing grins when I strode out carrying my crate of beer. I haven’t, however, touched a drop as yet. It’s still early though.

9 comments on “Fun at the fair

  1. Dave

    A teddy-bear called Brian? Someone is asking for trouble. If the militant wing of the Brian-adoration society get hold of this story it’ll be 40 lashes, or a month in prison…

  2. Anonymous

    aka Blue Witch

    My spell worked. BBC News alert just popped up to say that they’ve let her out.

    I’ll bet that had the bear been called Mohammed, it would have raised a lot of money – protest money from people in a community where they don’t have a lot of contact with Muslims. I reckon the extremists did more damage to support for their cause with that stunt than with the London bombings.


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