Fully fledged

Year 7 have been doing Indian music this half term, which I have enjoyed very much.  Composition is not my forte, though I can advise young children on the principles, but the raga and the tala, at a fairly basic level (we’re talking 11-year-olds), are within my capabilities.   They’re a nice age group too, interested and not afraid to have a go – in a year or two, some of them will be too concerned about making a mistake and feeling silly, something I can sympathise with because I felt like that too, when I was young.

Elle is packing an overnight bag and in half an hour I’ll drive her to the station to catch a train to London.  She’ll meet her mother, who’s been working in Paris so is coming over by Eurostar, and then they’ll meet up with her father and sister, who are flying over.  Tomorrow, they’ll all come back here where they will stay for a couple of nights.  And on Sunday, she’ll leave us for good.  And the Sage and I will finally, after all these years, be empty-nesters.

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  1. Mike and Ann

    Dear Z. We’ve been counting up, and we’ve been ’empty nesters’ for over twenty years. But they do come back. They stay over. they bring their youngsters, and eventually they, the grandchildren come and stay. Please don’t let it worry you. You are NOT going to be lonely.
    We both send our love and hope you are now better ?


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