Fruitful mellowness

They’ve been on the wholesaler’s list for a while now, but Al didn’t order them until now. Brussels sprouts. I didn’t buy them, much as I like sprouts they are late autumn and winter fare for me – I don’t really think it’s time for a sprout until after the first frost.

However, I came home, for the second day running, with a bag of fresh walnuts and I have eaten more of them than I care to admit to (not all of them though, we all love them). Indeed, I ate very little for lunch so that I could overindulge this evening. I will ascend a ladder this weekend to pick Bramley apples and I have been picking squashes – not finished that job, it made my back ache and I got bored at 86 squashes, with 20 or more still to go. They will not take us through the winter, although I will keep some, but Al will sell most of them and make a Handsome Profit.

It seems appropriate that this weekend we will celebrate Harvest Festival. There is to be a jolly supper tomorrow, and I am making a bread and butter pudding, but otherwise I’ve had no part in its organisation. Isn’t that splendid? Three people offered to take it in hand, so I’ve left them to it, thus proving that I can. I am, however, helping to decorate the church tomorrow, mainly with vegetables and fruit. Did I ever tell you that, for Al and Dilly’s wedding party, the marquee was decorated with baskets of vegetables? They looked gorgeous. Colourful and beautiful and completely appropriate.

I am doing a big arrangement of flowers too; the person I intended to ask has had to go away this week, because her father has died suddenly. Luckily I hadn’t said anything so she hasn’t had the worry of having to ring me to back out.

Still making bags, of course. I said that it’s a competition between Ro and his employers; however it takes some time for results to show up in Google rankings, so don’t expect news on that front for two or three months.

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