Frosty reception

I went next door to give Squiffany back a toy she’d left in my car this morning (rather than take it into nursery school and risk losing it) and to give her parents a couple of messages, and Al said that he’d got back late this evening. “I’d had to park a long way from the shop,” he said, “and when I got to the van, I found that the door had frozen shut. Not the lock, the door itself. It had rained, then frozen hard and the door was stuck. I couldn’t quite face trudging back to the shop for water to de-ice it with, so I had to just keep pulling until it unstuck.”

Dosia drove me and Yvonne to the next village for WI Christmas dinner. I helped with the washing up (we had caterers; it was an in-house do this year) but we said we’d wash the coffee cups and glasses ourselves. When I emerged from the kitchen – which is lovely, they’ve had it really well fitted up as a commercial kitchen for functions; they’re a very sociable village – Yvonne was talking to the new treasurer, who is just taking over from her. “Where’s Dosia?” I wondered, hoping she hadn’t gone home without us. She was de-icing the car again. I went and helped, scraping off the ice with a flexible friend. It is another hard frost tonight. A beautiful starlit one, with a new moon and clear sky.

I’ve had a lovely sociable day and received my second Christmas card. I’ve not written any yet myself but I must get started this weekend, spurred on by darling Martina in Seattle (whose comments you might sometimes read here), who has been thoughtful enough to send me one.

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