From t’internets, mostly

More from my current favourite website.  Go to the linked site, click on the Streetview scene and click on the arrow on the road.

I like Shearwater very much, especially the album Rook.  They’ve got a new album coming out soon, which looks promising.  Here’s an extract – if you click on it, be warned that the music starts at once.

I’m going to listen to more music – I haven’t been so much in the past few weeks and it’s good for me.  Today, I’ve been listening to John Adams.

6 comments on “From t’internets, mostly

  1. kipper

    Love it when you share what you are listening to. Someone told me about the Gabe Dixon Band a few days ago, you might like their music too. They are on YouTube.

  2. Mitsuko

    Lovely to have a dependable garage like this. I listened to Benny Goodman on your post – I have some CDs of him and like him. You picked “Sweet Georgia Brown” – this is a tune written in 1925 by Ben Bernie. Ben met Dr. Brown of the State House of Representative of Georgia who told him that the Ga. General Assembly had told Dr. Brown to name his daughter “Georgia” after our state. So Ben Bernie named the tune after little Georgia Brown. By the way I had to register and used my cat’s name, Mitsuko, and could not change it to my blog name which is Vagabonde.

  3. Z Post author

    Thank you, Vagabonde, that’s really interesting. Of course, Georgia is a popular name as a result of the song! I chose the two tracks largely because of the 40 year time gap between the recordings. The CD I have with ‘Clarinet à la King’ isn’t played so fast.

    I’ve changed the name that appears and also added your website, which I’ll put on my sidebar too, when I have a few minutes spare. I’m so sorry to put everyone to the trouble of registering, but I’ve had such a lot of spam comments that my patience is completely exhausted.


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