Foot more loose than expected

Four years ago, on 10th July 2019, I broke the fifth metatarsal in my left foot. I just stumbled, nothing major, but I had to use a surgical boot for the next month. Guess what? I’m not sure which bone, I think it’s a bit further up the foot, but I’ve done it again. I had been kneeling for an hour or so, sorting out papers and, when I came to stand up, my foot had gone to sleep. I thought it would bear my weight, but it didn’t. I heard a soft crunch.

I had the boot from last time, so I’m reasonably comfortable. I’ll be too busy tomorrow but, if I’m concerned, I’ll go to the hospital on Wednesday. Probably not, though. I’m pretty sure I don’t need a diagnosis or treatment. Luckily, it’s my left foot so I can drive.

Only 9 o’clock, but I’m inclined to give up on the day and go and read in bed.

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  1. dinahmow

    That’s a nasty ouch! A friend did a number on her left ankle and is plastered (the sober kind!) from toe to knee and can’t drive for 6 weeks.
    I hope you knit well and soon, Zoe. xx

  2. Ponita

    Ow, Z! You may want to be tested for osteoporosis again. Bones should never break that easily. An xray will shed light on it. Maybe it is a ligament instead? Neither is good, but investigation needed to know for sure. Hope the boot keeps you comfortable and it heals well.

  3. Z Post author

    Thank you all. I’m glad it isn’t my ankle, for sure.

    Ponita, thank you for your advice, I’m taking this reasonably seriously, for someone who has a strong aversion to bothering doctors. This isn’t a phobia, it’s more an idiotic combination of humility and bravado. “Oh, I mustn’t waste the doctor’s time/pfft, it’ll be fine, it’s not as if I don’t know what’s wrong. But, though it sounded almost the same as the last time (it had been a squelchy crunch, this time it was just the crunch), it is, I think, another bone up the foot, which may be why it hurts a bit more, I can’t wiggle my toes so easily and I feel on the verge of pins and needles in that foot. So I might take myself off to A&E on Friday afternoon. With no knowledge to back this up, I assume a ligament would hurt more and not have crunched in the same way, though. I really don’t want to let Ronan and the children down and not be able to go to Wales with them next week. I’m so cross with myself.
    I will absolutely phone the doctor’s surgery about a bone density test and mention blood tests while I’m about it. I feel fine but I get suddenly exhausted too easily.

  4. Blue Witch

    A Dexa scan is what you need to ask for. Good luck.

    Here in the North I know I have no chance of getting the one that I am due so I am not going to even bother trying to ask.


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