Flowers in the rain

The first few daffodils opened yesterday.

I know that many people think of the flowering currant as a weed, but I’ve always liked it. I don’t dislike the smell, which I think is quite blackcurranty, but some say reminds them of tomcats.

This is self-seeded. I had some little violas in the tub above this last year. My justification for not weeding very often.

The first lettuce seeds are starting to come up – just the beginnings of the stalks, not even a leaf yet. But I only sowed the seeds on Wednesday. For the last few years it has been an effort to make a start in the garden but this year it is a pleasure again. It may be because the weather has been so mild this month. Working outside has been enjoyable, not a chore. I decided, also, to think less about growing for sale and more about growing for fun. I’ve always grown vegetables. Even when I was a child and given a little patch in the garden, I put in beans, radishes and cress. When I was first married and had a pocket-handkerchief garden I grew cabbages and runner beans. I love flowers but, mostly, I plant shrubs and let them take care of themselves, and just put a few flowers in between. I used to do more. I used to grow all sorts of flowers for cutting and (this is hard to believe) do flower arrangements in every room. Simple summer flowers, like cornflowers and sweet peas. They only lasted a day or two. However did I find time?

To change the subject, back in October I wrote about a friend. She stayed in hospital for a long time, even over Christmas. She came to church this morning for the first time in nearly six months.

I was glad to see her, but shocked by how ill she looks. I also, as I hugged her in greeting, thought how brave she is, to come along, knowing that we’ve all been talking about her. It’s not easy for a modest person to face. But of course, we all greeted her in a normal and unfussy way and included her in our conversation.

She is still painfully thin and looks pale and shaky, but for the first time I think she might be starting to accept her condition and be willing to do something about it. Revd S, who was taking the service with her husband Revd B (yes, really) asked for people who would be willing to take part in a food survey as our friend, C, is researching how people eat. We will have to record all we eat over a week. I signed up, as did several others … that’ll make us think, won’t it. C. isn’t the only one who needs to understand what we eat and why, if not necessarily for the same reasons.

I wonder if we’ll have to put down what we drink too. Oh dear. I owe it to C. not to lie. If she’s going to face herself, I must let her see me too. How embarrassing that will be. Fortunately, I’m not too bad just now. I won’t quite say that a bottle of wine lasts me three nights, but two bottles lasts five.

That’s good, isn’t it? Huh? Why are you all looking at me that way?

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  1. Anonymous

    Oh thanks for the photos! It has been cold and very rainy all weekend. The Japanese maples, the lilac and rhododendrons are showing new leaf starts.
    Good wine 2 1/2 nights, bad wine a week (so it can be used up with cooking)


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