Five more things, a bit longer

1 I realise that I need to update my sidebar, to add the Tots. The three tortoises are all doing very well, the babies toddle about a bit but relax much of the time, whereas Edweena spends hours scrabbling around trying to scale walls. Once she’s outside, I’ll landscape her pen (it has to be constructed yet) to give her a rockery. All three eat very well.

2 Squiffany’s birthday present part 2 has just arrived. I hope her mum will be able to call in and fetch it on her way home from work.

3 It’s been hailing today and is chilly. I was awake most of the night and had the electric blanket on much of the time, having taken off the winter duvet a couple of weeks ago. I think I was cold because I was awake rather than the other way round, though.

4 I’ve just finished the last book in the Hunger Games trilogy. I lent the first to Al last week and both he and Dilly read it in a couple of days – Al said he took all of three hours. Thanks to Sir Bruin for the recommendation. Furthermore, Al, Squiffany and I had a chat about books yesterday – she’s not quite such a keen reader as Pugsley, so it was good to have her so engaged with the conversation and to know that we were too. I’ve read four books (plus some pages of other books on the go, there’s never only one) in the past week, which is getting nearer to the normal level of book reading (I’ve always got too many documents to read) I’ve enjoyed all my life until quite recently.

5 Although one of them is held together a bit with glue, I have, for the first time in my life, ten good fingernails. ┬áStill pretty weak, but it’s not the usual pattern of growing for three weeks and then all breaking within days. ┬áSo I’m going to call that a success.

3 comments on “Five more things, a bit longer

  1. Roses

    4. I read the Hunger Games and in a way, was shocked they were perceived as “young adult” books. I’ve read adult books that were a lot less harrowing. After I put the books down, they stayed with me for weeks.

    The tots are adorable!

    5. Congrats!


  2. 63mago

    5. Vitamins, in general vitamin “h” especially. Iron, Zink. Schuessler Salz No.1.

    Oh yes, build Edweena a landscape, so she has something to explore and to move around.

    Actually I have to read too much through daytime, there is no more brain left for reading at the desk in the evening at home or in bed, reading what I’d like to read. I live by selling my brain right now.

  3. Z Post author

    There are a lot of popular computer games that are worse, I think. They do get pretty graphic, but its remoteness from everyday life, not gloating over the violence and the fact that young adults (if they’re anything like I was) are pretty tough about these things gave it a pass from me in that respect. There are books I cheerily read in my teens that I couldn’t cope with now.

    Darling Mago, thank you. And yes – yet losing yourself in books enables your mind to relax and heal. I hope you can read for pleasure again soon.


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