Film night.

We’ve been holding family quizzes via Zoom for the last few weeks. It was Al and Dilly’s suggestion and it’s been fun. The team that wins each week organises the next quiz and, most unexpectedly, after a couple of weeks coming last, we won last time. It was all down to Dirty Dancing. Weeza’s choice and I’d never seen it all through before – but we scored 8 out of 10 and that clinched it.

As the film theme went down well, we thought we’d go for that again this week. But, with a twist to each family choosing a subject to ask questions about, we asked everyone to select a film and someone else would have to devise the questions for everyone. I wrote down every family and every film and Tim picked them at random. We are asking questions on Star Wars, the first film, no. 4.

Tonight, we started our preparations by watching Groundhog Day. Chosen by Ro (in a nod to the current lockdown) and questions to be set by Weeza and co. Great choice, Tim and I have enjoyed watching it again. What we’ll remember by Wednesday is another matter.

The one to look out for is Wink. She chooses the most obscure facts to ask about. What she’ll make of Paddington is anyone’s guess.

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