I woke up early again, around 5.30 and listened, but there was no sound from the fireplace so I played Angry Birds for a while on my phone.  The sound an hour later was from a desperate, rather than an angry bird.  The Sage was still asleep, so I got up, moved the chest of drawers and uncovered the fireplace.  The dove was flopped in the grate, but it fluttered strongly enough when I picked it up and flew away when I released it through the open window.  I hope it found water quickly and has survived.  I wasn’t surprised; in my experience they do not leave the apparent safety of the fireplace unless you chivvy them.

Wink has arrived and brought pouring rain from the West Country with her.  I have made three meat dishes for tomorrow and will do two vegetable ones in the morning.  I have also made two of the three puddings.  I am quite agitated, however, in case there is not enough food.  This does not, you understand, indicate that there is not enough food, just that I am never entirely comfortable unless I have overcatered.

7 comments on “FHB

  1. Rog

    Yes I did notice the tendency to err on the side of cascading mountains of quality fare. All very well in the pudding department but then one can never fully prepare for a Christopher turning up.

  2. Z

    I seem to remember a pudding-eating contest going on.

    Don’t tell Chris, today’s menu includes warm chocolate brownies with chocolate sauce. And trifle.

  3. Christopher

    I have also made two of the three puddings is clearly a quote from Holy Writ. I am too moved to respond. I may come back after I have filched one of my grandson’s Petit Filous.

  4. Z

    Guests are looking at Lowestoft china, so I’ve nipped in here.

    Queen of puddings again, by the Sage’s special request, brownies/chocolate sauce, trifle, with the alcohol in the cream rather than the base (a lemon syllabub topping) and the most adorable little strawberries. No sugar-free jelly, but plenty of cheese and biscuits.

    There’s leftovers, Savannah, you could have joined us!


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