Fete nearly accompli

Of course, when the village has a fete (no point in putting in the accent unless you’re using Safari as your browser, which probably none of you is) it doesn’t just have a fete. It has a Beer Festival. It’s no wonder that it goes down such a storm. From morning until night and on into the small hours (midnight at any rate), we Party On with the best of them.

Today, I played the organ for David’s funeral and then went back to the church in the afternoon to decorate it. I bought all Al’s flowers yesterday, cut swathes of greenery from the garden and did lots of flower arrangements. The church exhibition’s theme this year is ‘Childhood Memories’. I took a liquid theme as I grew up by Oulton Broad and wrote about (with a photo of mini-me) messing about in boats, my early fascination with newts and the winter of 1963, which was incredibly cold, with ice so thick on the Broad that cars could drive on it.

The Sage’s earliest memories were of the war. So that’s what his display is about.

I finally lurched home, limping on both feet, at about 6 o’clock, or possibly later. We’d planned to have a barbecue but the weather had turned showery, so Dilly cooked dinner for us all, which was lovely. She had come to help me in the church and the children were angelic, until Pugsley started to become uncharacteristically fretful at about 5ish, at which point it dawned on us that he’d missed his afternoon nap. He kept his patience, with an effort, until she was ready to take him home. He then went straight to bed and to sleep and missed his dinner. We wonder if he’ll wake up hungry in the middle of the night.

A registered envelope arrived this morning, addressed to me. The Sage signed for it, and was highly curious to know what it was. It’s Ro’s ticket to the Latitude festival – I’m so annoyed with myself that I didn’t buy a ticket for myself too, when I was getting his as a present, because I thought he’d hate to have to go with his old mother. Since, of course, they have sold out.

I also received four free light bulbs from British Gas.

I also had a dividend cheque for £19.55.

Dilly has been offered a part-time teaching job next year, and has accepted it.

11 comments on “Fete nearly accompli

  1. Dandelion

    no point in putting in the accent unless you’re using Safari as your browser, which probably none of you is

    Actually, not true. I can do and see the accents, and I’m using IE. Fête. Fête. Fête. See?

  2. Z

    No point, darling, we don’t have gas in the village. These are steam-driven light bulbs.

    Our vicar is a woman, Brom, whose organs are quite decorative already.

    But what about all that hoo-ha (that Gordie kindly explained the facts of) about the apple? That’s done in just the same way as a ê. Can you see the circumflex there?

    I’m a bit too much of a browser snob to use IE, I admit. Not that I can with the mac nowadays, but even when I could, I didn’t like it. Sheer ignorant prejudice of course.

  3. Dandelion

    Yes, I can see the ê. It’s not the method of doing that determines its visiblity, I don’t think, more the universality/compatibility of the symbol.

    The ê is a part of the french alphabet (and hence various english words), whereas the apple is part of no-one’s alphabet. It’s proprietary, it’s frivolous, and it’s of little functional benefit. But I think I’ve already made that point 🙂


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