Fame at last

Blue Witch is marvellous, she’s found a brilliant site.  Called Geograph, it aims to collect photographs of the entire country, every bit of it, and invites people to submit their photos.  Over 80% of the country is represented so far.  Here’s one of the latest pictures – and of course, I had to look up this area and found one of our house.  Old Manor House, indeed.  No, it was never that, but it made me chuckle.

It’s been a most fine day, because Roses came to lunch.  Ben instantly adored her, as you might expect, but she dealt with that very capably and we talked non-stop for hours.  We took Ben for a walk on the marshes too, and he had a brilliant time, coming back wet and muddy from splashing in the river.  I should have taken a picture of the long line of cows walking back to the farm for milking time – I was more concerned about the chances of Ben getting in their way, but he was perfectly well-behaved – and besides, he then noticed one of his dog friends being taken for a run, so went off to say hello.

And this evening I’m out to supper.  The mad social whirl, darlings.

12 comments on “Fame at last

  1. wendz

    Hope your supper was spiffy.

    I looked at some of those pics on Geograph..lots of them actually – and have to say, isn’t England just the most beautiful land.

  2. janerowena

    I had a wonderful time on Geograph and went to bed very late, wandering down Memory Lane – literally. I use Streetview when I feel homesick usually, but it can’t go down private roads and show my favourite old house. Geograph has photos from farmland and footpaths that show views that I know very well.


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