Eyes down…

…for forty winks. With extreme idleness, I sat down for a relax (as they say in these parts) and was woken ten minutes later by Tilly shaking her head, ears flapping loudly. Now the first batch of today’s jam is cooling, the second boiling and the third still steeping. Only another hour or so and I’ll have finished. I made twenty jars yesterday and, remarkably, they have all set.

The Sage has gone off to the Wilds of South Suffolk to pick up more china for the next sale. It’s all going well at present. We will have to put the catalogue together in another couple of weeks. I’ll have to work for my living for a bit.

Pause to take jam off heat Always one isn’t there. This batch resolutely refused to set on the saucer. I boiled it a bit more and eventually, in desperation, added more pectin. If it doesn’t set I’ll use it in icecream (thick yoghurt and strawberry jam make splendid, almost instant icecream) and if it’s like glue I’ll warm it up and use it as sauce.

Pause to pot first batch of jam After I’ve done this, I’ll go and attack the garden again. I wonder if the Sage will be horrified to come home and find the fence demolished? Probably. May not stop me though. My happy little shining face will mollify him.

16 comments on “Eyes down…

  1. The Boy

    Three batches of Jam? Having not done one this year you put me to shame. Mmm, strawberry ice cream… Just made a batch of raspberry last weekend to use up some damaged berries.

  2. Z

    Three yesterday and three today – 4 lbs of strawberries at a time, 2 lemons, 3 lbs sugar at a time. I demolished the fence afterwards. I may go to sleep at any time now…

  3. Dandelion

    Something is bothering me, z. You said you put one lot in glasses because you ran out of jars. How long is it going to be until you can use the glasses again? Do you eat a lot of jam at your house?

  4. irreverentmama

    Having never done a batch of jam in my life, you not only put me to shame, you have my utmost respect, oh Priestess of the Mysteries of the Kitchen.

    I do bake bread, though – and not with a machine. Perhaps that mitigates my ignorance a wee bit.


  5. Z

    I didn’t use wine glasses, Dandelion, nor beer glasses. It’s people who want a soft drink who are pushed to find a suitable glass. However, the time may come – but I’ve several dozen wine glasses.

    We don’t eat a lot of jam. But we don’t eat a lot of puddings either, so if I froze the strawberries to make into mousses or something, they would still be there next year.

    Irreverent Mama – hmm…

    I used to bake my own bread (kneaded by hand) but I couldn’t resist eating it straight out of the oven and it gave me indigestion!

    Dave, you are teasing me again.

  6. Dandelion

    Thanks, z. I wasn’t worried about the wine glasses. What bothers me is that you now have a situation where all those soft drink glasses are full of jam. Presumably, that will continue to be the case until all the jam is eaten by your household – how long is that likely to take if you don’t eat a lot of jam?

  7. Z

    Dave, now I feel mortified. I would certainly make jam using your fruit and your jars.

    Dand, I will start by using up the last batch, that didn’t set too well (grr) then I’ll use the jam in the glasses. Set jam in jars will be used last, or given away. I am quite practical really, even if I don’t sound it…

  8. Z

    If Al does get bees, potting the honey will be his job.

    Well, so I say now. I expect I’ll get involved too when it comes to it.


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