Every five minutes

I might have cracked the problem.  I’ve been through all the settings of any apps which use push notifications and found that the BBC website was set to update every five minutes.  I certainly never set that, it must have been the default.  I might go days without looking at the BBC website and wouldn’t need to have it update automatically.  That I didn’t have the problem between December and March is slightly more of a puzzle, possibly I didn’t have on push or else there was an update to the app and it changed or reset the control.  I have now changed it to update only when I open the app, but I’ve switched push off in any case.  I shall turn it back on a few days before my month is up on the 10th of next month and see if automatic email and other updates make much difference.  I’ve used just over 2 MBs a day for the last three days since I turned off push.

We’ve had a succession of callers today, which has meant that I haven’t got anything done and I’m feeling quite overburdened at the moment.  I meant to take last evening off (I know darlings, a Sunday evening spent not working, outrageous) but work came in that needed a prompt reply so I spent a couple of hours at the computer after all.  This evening, I’m going to throw caution to the winds and print off the papers I usually read online, so that I can do my work sitting in a comfortable armchair rather than here on the backless stool that is so marvellously good for my posture.  Slump, darlings?  Never.

5 comments on “Every five minutes

  1. Pat

    I have every confidence that you being you will sort out the problem. Just reading about it makes my head spin.
    Life used to be so simple ad uncomplicated. Where did it all go wrong?

  2. Blue Witch

    Pat – my sentiments entirely. But, life is as complicated as one chooses to make it, surely?

    It’s only marketing departments who think we need every new gadget and gimmick under the sun.

    We can choose whether to buy in or not. Being a Simple Witch, I generally choose not, but, in a ‘know thine enemy’ type way, I do try to keep up with others’ passions.

  3. Z

    The good side is that it’s making me check on how much data various applications and actions take up. As to simplification, my life was so much simpler pre-internet. But I’d have missed out on a lot – and now, in fact, it’s easier to use the internet than not because so much is done online.

    I don’t think you keep up with others’ passions, darling BW, you just observe them.


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