Evening edition

You’ll all be terribly pleased to hear (because you’ve been worrying all day, thank you darlings) that my balance is fine and my ears are better. I was dizzy because the blockage has shifted, but now it’s gone.  I don’t know where, I’m not going to think about that too much.

It was quite a long afternoon, but John and I had a very jolly time, having a good old heart-to-heart over lunch and then playing with iPads for a good hour and a half.  He did a bit of his other shopping, but he’s not very quick getting about so we didn’t do much else.

The Sage spent the afternoon doing an odd job (odd in the odd-job sense, not in any other) and now lights work that didn’t, so I have absolutely nothing – nothing, I promise – to grumble about.  He’s being totally adorable, I’ll have to drop a kind word sometime in the next few days … ooh, I hear the coffee grinder!  He doesn’t even like coffee, so learning to make it as I like it is kindness indeed.

Um…that’s about it today.  I don’t think I’ll keep up this twice-daily thing any longer.  It takes it out of a woman.

The Times crossword is going well.  Half done by ten o’clock this morning (That is, in a few minutes, it took me until 9.30 to prise my eyes open reliably, and longer to get dressed and have breakfast).  Better get back to it.

6 comments on “Evening edition

  1. Roses

    I have two blogs, so can post to my heart’s content (and no one else’s probably).

    The Sage is being good. More kisses tonight, I see in his future.

  2. Z

    I’m greedy, Scarlet. It’s the same with other areas of my life. There are times when once a day is not enough.

    I have two blogs too, Roses, but the other one hasn’t been updated by me in months. Badgerdaddy has, but it’s still a rare event.

    The Sage gets a lot of kisses. Honestly, we’re like Nigel and Elizabeth – oh wait, that didn’t end well …


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