Even if it’s freezing, it must be spring

I was driving back from Norwich when my eye was caught by an odd-shaped bird atop a bush. The sun was behind it, so I couldn’t see what sort it was for a moment.

Then I realised. It was two birds and they were At It. Having It Off.

In public too. Shameless, they were.

Apparently, we will have snow on Thursday. That’s all right, I’ll have time to build a snowman on Thursday. I also hope I might have time to make marmalade. Al still has a couple of cratesful unopened, but he thinks that will be the last of the Seville oranges.

I haven’t had much sleep the last couple of night, I’ve been waking up at 3 or 4 am and staying awake (worrying about that bloody notebook, isn’t it stupid. It’s not as if it helps). I hope WI is worth turning out for.

8 comments on “Even if it’s freezing, it must be spring

  1. badgerdaddy

    I’ll never remember now as Mac is playing up and needs shutting down – if you google my name and marmalade, you should find a feature I once wrote on the ‘invention’ of marmalade. Now, from there you should be able to track down a genuine marmalade expert who is based in Norwich, who can explain how it was really made years ago when sugar was incredibly scarce; he’s replicated the cutting device they used and the end product is simply sensational. Totally different; all those marmalades that claim to be authentic are in fact not, as there’s no way people could have got their hands on that much sugar back in the day.
    I think you should find him (he’s a really lovely guy) and make some to sell in the shop, that would be outstanding. It really is superb stuff, too.
    Hang on, I’ll go find the link…

  2. Z

    You are a dear, BD, and so trusting. Saying to a woman “nag me.” Thank you.

    My Amazon order has arrived, I’m about to get my first taste of Pearl Jam. Yeah, I know you want me to wait for your CD. Hm. Maybe… yes, I’ll be nice too, I’ll wait and listen to Okkervil River first.

    Murph, i don’t think they were both cheeky girls. I think at least one of them was called Opik.

    No, no, even I will not drink Scotch at breakfast time. I’m drinking it now, in fact (another evening out, I have to maintain my alcohol level or my hard-won tolerance might slip and no one wants to see me tipsy).

  3. badgerdaddy

    No, go for your life – in their time, they’ve been recognised as one of the few truly great live bands around. You get to taste, erm, both sides of the coin, live and studio this way…

    You have to do the marmalade thing – it’s too perfect. Go on, go on, go on go on go on…

  4. Z

    I’ll need the recipe within a week then, time to get marmalading.

    I’ll dive straight into the Jam then. My way is total immersion, sink or swim…odd, for someone afraid of water.

  5. PI

    I do hope you find it. I found a precious ring I had lost six months later so I never give up hope.
    I was up at 4.40am today – wide awake. I did have a snooze after breakfast. I thought maybe it had snowed – but not yet.


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