Even Gooder Life*

Fortunately, the changeable weather remained dry for us to light the bonfire (the brambles on top kept much of the underneath stuff from being soaked, and we had several bags of sawdust and some chipboard to add at the last too) and to set off the first box of fireworks.  Then it started to rain again, so we retreated indoors to eat.  By a chance of happy fortune, the sausages, chicken drumsticks and pork ribs were cooked just when we went indoors, so it wasn’t long before food was on the table.  I’d taken the view that it could all be classed as finger food, if lots of paper napkins were provided, so washing up was minimised.

It was our six week wedding anniversary – any excuse for champagne, of course – and we had a jolly evening.  It stopped raining so we had the rest of the fireworks – Phil set them off from the grass near the house, so we didn’t have to go off to the field again, and we did the traditional waving round of sparklers to make patterns.  Ro and Dora couldn’t stay overnight because of their cat, but Weeza & co did – young Zerlina and Gus have stayed often, of course, so were quite happy about it.  As we’d eaten early because of the children, we’d put out cheeses and home-grown grapes afterwards – just Magnum ice creams for dessert, but we didn’t manage them,  As it was, we all ate a lot.

And this morning, I had to leave the house by 9.30 for church as I was playing the clarinet, so breakfast had to be prompt.  Home-cured bacon and new-laid eggs can’t be beaten as a breakfast treat.  Everyone enjoyed it.  For once, the children didn’t even mention pancakes.

Lovely Weeza and Phil have cut up a lot more wood for us and taken more back for themselves. The new woodburner is marvellous – so much less effort to keep the whole house warm, though of course fetching in logs is a fair bit of work.  You do get a sense of achievement, though.

*and even larger Z, I fear.


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