Easter Sunday

It’s snowing!!(!)

It missed us all winter, but now Spring is here, it’s snowing.

Build a lovely snowman, darlings, and I hope you have a very happy Easter.

love from Z

7 comments on “Easter Sunday

  1. Malc

    We got a bare sprinkling, despite the showers sweeping towards us off the north Atlantic. Sadly not enough to make even the smallest snowman.

    Happy Easter to you to.

  2. Dave

    It is a tragedy. My mother is expecting me to paint her fences and cut back all her hedges – but so far the weather seems to have kept me inside.

    That and the fact that I’m really not very well, which she can’t seem to understand.

  3. Z

    Only downside for me this morning is that the bright sun on the snow has given me a migraine. Fortunately, I can touch-type, as I can’t see too well…


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