Early in the morning

Yesterday, we went to the house-cooling party of friends who are moving to Wales, to be nearer their children who have both made their careers in the North West of England.  We both like them very much: I met her through school as we both became governors at about the same time.  I’ll miss her immensely, she is one of my best and most stalwart friends.  After my family, she was the first person I phoned after Russell died as, it happened, she was coming over to see us later that day, so I rang to put her off.  But she insisted on coming straight over anyway.  And she was one of the people who continued to care for me in the next year, when the majority hung back, not sure what to do,  however kindly disposed they were.

It’s now 5 in the morning and I’ve been awake for a couple of hours.  In the winter, I might as well lie awake but at this time of the year, when the nights are too warm for much sleep, it’s better to get up.  So I’ve had tea and toast and will probably have a nap in a while.  Rummy, Rose’s cat came to see me.  He hurt his eye the other day – the vet can’t find much wrong, though it was inflamed and sore, so it’s assumed he scratched it -and he was subdued for a couple of days while he was in pain.  And he started to become less defensive with me and let me stroke him, and that effect seems to be lasting.  He’s a one-person cat at heart and adores Rose, but it’s nice to gain his cautious trust.

It’s very dry here and I’m having to water the kitchen garden.  I only water flowers and shrubs if they’re newly planted or actually flagging, but the veggies need more help.  There’s rain forecast next week, but so there was a few days ago and it turned out to be a brief shower that barely laid the dust.  Friends in the Midlands and the south west spend much time bemoaning the quantity of rain they have, but it rarely gets this way, it seems.

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