Drought kicks in here in Norfolk

The Jerusalem artichokes this morning. Since then we have had some rain, for which I believe I have to thank Motherofthebride

And, for Martina, ground elder. If left, it has rather pretty white flowers in early summer. It also has white roots that spread alarmingly, break easily and, when dug up, will grow from a small fragment.

10 comments on “Drought kicks in here in Norfolk

  1. Z

    You are very welcome, Motherofthebride – but you seem to have caused it to rain here. I’m not sure what to make of your powers

  2. martina

    Thanks for the photo Z. That looks an awful lot like what we call Oregon grape. Ir has very snall inedible foggy grey fruit.
    Right now it is 65 degrees, overcast and slight breeze in Seattle. Perfect gardening weather! It showered this a.m. so the plants are all content.

  3. Z

    Not to mention foot and mouth, Imperatrix, which appears to have been caused by bad biosecurity at a laboratory.

    Lovely sunny day here, after a fresher night (I overslept disgracefully this morning as a consequence). Just as well it didn’t rain with you, Dave, after your floods. I’d not want to see any rain for weeks if I were you.

  4. The Boy

    Lord, we got absolutely dumped on last night, then woke up to sun shine. LL’s favourite type of rain, though the roads where a bit of a mess.

  5. Z

    Wish I could, Luckyzmom, but the sky is blue again. There was a brief thunderstorm last night though.

    Thank you very much for all your comments – you must have taken a long time reading and writing yesterday.

  6. luckyzmom

    A long time for sure. But, it was a pleasure. Just now finishing up. This is why I post so seldom myself. It is 1:07am here. My husband should be getting home from work in about an hour. I joke that we have become vampires!

    Have a happy new day!


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