Double deckers!

I was very impressed to discover that the train was a double decker. I’ve never seen such a thing before, but then I lead a sheltered life. The woman at the ticket office gave me a ticket that was valid for a choice of two trains and recommended the second, because the station I’d change trains at would not be busy. She said that Utrecht would be very crowded. However, that train would arrive half an hour later and I was conscious that Irene and her sister would be having a rather late meal if they waited for me, so I decided to risk the rush hour.

The nice young woman has evidently never seen London in the rush hour. I’ve seen busier crowds on Prince of Wales Road in Norwich on a Friday night. There were ample seats, even at 5 o’clock – apart from being told that I had free wifi working, only it wasn’t, everything was perfect.

Irene recognised me straight away (I recognised her too, but I’d been looking in the wrong direction) and we wrapped our arms round each other. As you know, blog friends don’t need time to get to know each other. She fed me and Erica a delicious meal and we’ve been chatting ever since, until we felt the need to get back online. I managed to leave my European plug behind, I’m not quite sure how, so I won’t be able to recharge my phone until I buy another one (I will be able to use her charger for my iPad, if I ask her).

A couple of emails to send and then I’m going to bed. I hope I can wind down a bit over the next three days, it’s all been rather overwhelming recently. Not that one should wind down too far. It’s too hard to get going again. Just an easing of the tension.

Im hoping that I can get on to scrabble, too.



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