Disregard what Z said

I’m glad to say I was wrong. It was not too late for the eggs to hatch out. I went down to check on Canasta this afternoon, having forgotten to do so this morning (this didn’t matter as she had food, water and was safe) and expected to find a grumpy chicken, but she was very pleased to be nestling with a fluffy chick. And, when I investigated – at this point, she was quite grumpy – I found that there were four of them, so far. Three came out, sat on my hand and ate chick crumbs, so the old cracky heart found itself doing the happy love thing again, as it still catches me out with.

I did nothing about the floordrobe or the ironing, but at least I sorted out the greenhouse, tying up tomatoes and pinching out sideshoots. I took Eloise cat out for several walks too. She has become much more agile and energetic in the last couple of days, so is evidently recovering well. It’s only another week and a half before she can have the freedom of the house, which she will love. She’s really fed up with being confined.

I spent a couple of hours at the vineyard/brewery social tonight, and enjoyed it very much. It was a lovely sunny evening, I sat and chatted with friends and seemed to pack away rather a lot of pizza. As well as a couple of glasses of excellent Flint Bacchus.

I’d been less successful than usual with my loaf of bread today, and don’t quite understand what has gone wrong. I’d pretty well perfected the recipe, but last week, my scales were playing up and randomly altering readings. So we put in a new battery and assumed that was the reason the bread wasn’t up to standard. Today, all seemed to be fine – I weighed the flours, yeast, salt, black treacle and water and mixed them, kneaded with the dough hook, measured the seeds, added them, then left them for a few minutes while I finished unpacking the dishwasher. When I went back to roll the dough in a little oil and cover it to prove, it was no longer a neat ball but was a thick batter. This was just what happened last week. I have no idea what’s gone wrong. I sorted it out as best I could, and the resultant loaf isn’t as well risen as it should be, but it tastes the same, albeit slightly heavier in texture. All I can think is that I left it kneading too long after adding the seeds, because it was fine when I was actually adding them. I’ll make another loaf tomorrow and see if I can get it right this time. I’m just really puzzled.

Tomorrow, Lovely Tim is returning home. I’ve planned a nice lunch. And dinner. And, of course, the newest members of the family will be here to greet him.

2 comments on “Disregard what Z said

  1. Glenda

    What a nice surprize about the chicks. You have a mystery with the bread. Sounds like you had a nice time out. That will be one happy cat when she gets her freedom.

    1. Z Post author

      Well, I have six chicks plus three that needed helping out of their shells – they’re alive, so fingers crossed. And I’ve made another batch of bread dough which seems to be all right, so we’ll see about that. Eloise is very cross because I haven’t had time for more than one walk yet today, but only ten days to go!


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