It was Aaron’s funeral today.  His form teacher was asked by his parents to speak, and to read out their message and that of neighbouring farmers (where Aaron would have started an apprenticeship in September) too.  He rose to the demands of the ordeal.  The Rector also spoke extremely well, a beautifully crafted and delivered address that must have taken hours to write, not that it sounded laboured at all.

I think that all the paving slabs have been laid – that is, when the piles of earth have been removed, we can see if the proportions look about right.  We still have some left.  At last we won’t have a large puddle outside the door every time it rains, Jamie and Richard have been careful to have a slight and imperceptible incline to the side, away from the house.

Al has become a postman.  He did his first round today, under supervision, will still be supervised tomorrow and will have his own round next week.  He is looking forward to it, it’s right up his street (see what I did there?).  Plenty of time on his own, but superficial friendly contact with people.  An early start in the morning, but an early finish too.  And paid holidays, which he hasn’t had for the past nine years – not that he didn’t enjoy being a shopkeeper, he did, but it was relentless hard work.

The Sage and I have a lot of work to do in the next three days.  It’s time to start the catalogue for the next sale.  Weeza is coming over on Monday to do the condition report and she wants us to have it typed up by then, even if I haven’t taken the photos.  My aim is to have pretty well all my work done, of one sort and another, by about the 7th August and then I can take some time off.

7 comments on “Deliveries

  1. Tim

    I’ve got lots of leftover paving slabs too, mostly now forming a weed rockery down the bottom of the garden. I’d build another patio if I had anywhere to put it.
    I was a postman over the Xmas uni vacs of ’60 – ’63. I once put a whole family’s cards into a derelict house by mistake, the GPO stasi were called in but I was never charged.

  2. Z

    We had some crazy paving taken up years ago and didn’t know what to do with it. We stacked them into a wall. There is no shortage of space here, but calling it a garden would be rather over-describing it.

  3. Four Dinners

    You live you die, the bit in between is called life…enjoy.

    Some get to enjoy longer than others…

    thankfully we ain’t Norwegian right now eh?

    WTF is that all about?????


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