Dear reader…

I’ve just finished addressing ten envelopes and it’s not often that happens, not hand-written.  The sale catalogues go out to hundreds of people, of course, but I print the labels.  I could have this time, but ten labels on a sheet of 21 seems a bit wasteful.

I’ve never got around to typing up my entire address list so that – er, can’t mention it when it’s more than six months ahead, but *you know what* card addresses can be printed out.  Sensible, can’t be argued with, but it does seem a bit impersonal.  On the other hand, when I get around to it, I do print out address labels for postcards before I go on holiday.

I was struck today by Lyle‘s remark that it’s not surprising that a laptop bought in September 2009 had just about had it.  I looked up the age of the Sage’s (on here, you might expect it because it’s better than any other records I’ve ever kept) and it was bought only two months later, yet I think of it as nearly new.  My present Mac is a year and a half older than that.  Again, I don’t think of that as very old.  But that’s probably because I am and I’ve always been used to having things that last.

Today, it was too hot to do all the heavy lifting that we’d planned, so I planted up/out everything that I’ve been raising in pots.  Much more satisfying than cutting things down and I was quite happy.  We also turned out the porch again.  Each time, I explain to the Sage that it’s to be kept clear apart from one designated area for my bike, wellies, regularly used bits of kit such as bike pump, metal detector, battery charger – and each time he starts dumping stuff.  Some of it is, literally, rubbish and has gone straight in the bin or on the bonfire.  I’m afraid that he’s getting worse, and he was pretty bad to start with.  However, it’s clear again now, I sat in there and listened to BBC iPlayer this afternoon, Ben between me and the Sage on the bench, playing On Your Farm, broadcast at larkfart this morning, because Jonathan and Dulcie were being interviewed about their new cheesemaking enterprise.  And then I came in and made a nice little plateful of cheese-topped oatcake, cucumber, pepper and olives to nibble along with my gin and tonic, because I hadn’t eaten much all day and was going to have a sudden energy dip before dinner if I didn’t watch out.  As it was, I relaxed and read the paper for a bit before going to start cooking.

Which is why I had to write all those letters so late this evening.  I’m off early tomorrow, soon after 6 o’clock, because I’m going to London for the day.  

6 comments on “Dear reader…

  1. bill lisleman

    I just noticed your blog over on Savannah’s blog. Odd thing about blogging, you never know what post someone will drop in on.
    I don’t know your cast of characters yet but I’ll be back to browse around.
    You have one letter and I probably don’t even pronounce it the “right” way. You could add “ed” but I guess that would look too Dr. Seuss like.
    I have a Mac laptop from early 2010 and it’s still running well.

  2. dinahmow

    Ducking in briefly and then off again to continue wondering exactly what I need to pack.There is a possibility I will need , at the very least, an “after five” outfit in NY…
    See you soon!

  3. Blue Witch

    “ten labels on a sheet of 21 seems a bit wasteful”

    Use the other 11 next time you print a label? Avery always say ony feed once, but it’s never been a problem in any printer I’ve ever used (many, of all makes and types, over the years).

    Enjoy London – it’s going to be hot they say.

  4. wendz

    Until we bought the desktop Mac last year, and an iPad for M, (and then an iPad for me at Christmas), we only had the Macbook. It was bought in June 2007, just before I came to live in England.

    So with both of us using it day in and day out, for over 5 years without relief, running Photoshop and watching movies and internetting and Excel and other work-related stuff……well it has worked like a beast. We had one incident with it that needed a repair but otherwise it has been lovely all that time.

    But it’s starting to be a bit naughty now. Which reminds me I must copy files and pictures onto the external hard drive… before it dies and I lament the loss of everything on it.

    We’re going to London this week too. We’re like ships passing in the night Z. 🙂

  5. Liz

    I usually print out labels for those cards whose name we will not mention when it is hardly even summer yet. It is too much like hard work to hand write them and anyway, postmen have to work hard enough at that time of year without having to decipher my terrible hand writing. I keep a spreadsheet with everyone’s address on it.

    As if that wasn’t nerdy enough; I have also been known to take a sheet of printed labels on holiday with me for the purpose of addressing postcards. Takes up less room in the case than an address book!

  6. Z

    Oh goodness, Bill, a new Lovely Reader when I’ve written a spectacularly dull post. I was quite tired, but that’s no excuse. I’m Zed, but answer to Zee, Zoë, Sophie, Susie, Snowy or practically anything else, including ‘hey you.” And, welcome.

    So looking forward to it, Di. Once the Sage’s sale is over on Friday, I’ll turn my attention to the party.

    Yes, I do, BW, but there are always some wasted, and it didn’t take long to write them.

    Yes, Wendz, you need to have a feel for when it’s time not to trust it any longer. Hope you’re coming to the blog party? You’re welcome to stay.

    Printed labels for holiday pcs are absolutely sensible and there’s no reason not to. Actually, I’ve given up on you-know-what cards, for the most part, anyway – but when I sent them, I still felt I had to hand-write the envelopes. There was no logic to that.


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