Hay is much better and we went out this morning, first to transfer money from savings to current account to pay the pianola bill, then to the café to celebrate him feeling like eating again and then to the store round the corner from us, where they sell all sorts of useful things and also small pets.  I’m not so keen on small creatures in cages on the whole, though we’ve had such things ourselves when our children were young, but the ones there are beautifully looked after with clean bedding and fresh food and water, and I know there’s a quick turnover of rabbits and guinea pigs and so on.  Since I don’t care to take advantage by using it for half an hour’s entertainment without buying anything, today we came out with dog biscuits.  Hay carried them and then fed three to Ben, having first told him to sit.

In the afternoon, he was tired again so we cuddled on the sofa under the duvet.

Wink phoned this evening to say that she has been given the date for her operation, later this month.  So I’ll give apologies for various things and go down and stay with her until she can manage by herself.

A few anniversaries have passed recently – four years ago I was recuperating from my own hip replacement and eight years have now gone by since I started blogging.  I try to avoid making a big thing about actual anniversaries, or even about the passage of time.  But even I am becoming more aware as I grow older, though I try not to be.  Usually, I think of a given date more in anticipation and, if I’m busy, I forget on the actual day.  That seems ok to me.

Again, we have escaped most of the filthy weather that other parts of the country have suffered from.  There was a heavy hailstorm soon after 8 this morning, but the effects soon vanished and it didn’t rain again until the afternoon.

Dilly doesn’t teach on a Thursday and her mum is looking after Hay on Friday.  I’ll really miss him.

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  1. allotmentqueen

    *Sighs* Rain and gale force wind seem to be the default weather round here. Still at least we can disappear inside from time to time and forget about it. Till we have to go out for work, shopping, whatever reason. Today I was speaking to one of my colleagues (okay she’s my boss in a charitable place that employs five people, including the cleaner) and when I said we ought to be grateful we don’t live in Muchelney and she said the daughter of someone she knew lived there and when she’d expressed sympathy this person had become very curt and tight-lipped, and I thought, yeah, sympathy is all very well but it doesn’t change anything.

    I’m aware that I am ageing but remind me, how old is Hay now? He sounds absolutely delightful. And is Wink having hip or knee …. or indeed something else? Sorry, I could trawl back through your archives but, well you know ….

  2. Z Post author

    It’s just horrendous, there seems to be no end in sight. One can’t do anything but sympathise, not that it helps in the least.

    Yes, Wink is having a hip replacement. No reason at all why you should remember – I doubt I’ve said much about it. Nor will I – I gave all possible details about my op, but will be politely reticent about hers.

    Hay will be 3 in late May. He’s 3 months older than his cousin Augustus, who’s the youngest of the five grandchildren. Quite a solemn little boy, very sweet.


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