Darlings, do I a favour

If you love me, please pop over to Julie and wish her a happy birthday. She just writes, she doesn’t look for new readers, but she’s a gorgeous person who writes wonderfully and, most vitally of all, introduced me to Okkervil River (yes, Dandelion, I do call them Overkill River because you are witty) and the Old 97’s. Oh, and Centromatic. And The Hold Steady. Et al, as they say in Dave’s neck of the woods. She knows a good beer and she shares her pond with beavers. And her house with rats, unfortunately, but even that is funny . Anyways, it’s her birthday. ‘Av (as they say) agudun, dear heart.

11 comments on “Darlings, do I a favour

  1. Z

    I’ve heard nothing and this stand-in greengrocer was too cold to go and investigate tonight. I will take a look in the church tomorrow.

  2. luckyzmom

    I wished her a happy birthday, but, I do not like having to wait for owner approval to be able to see my comment published. Does not mean she is not a nice person :-S

  3. Z

    Not at all, she’s great but she is a bit cautious because people could identify her if they knew the town and its bars well. So she prefers to know what’s been said before it goes on her blog.

  4. luckyzmom

    Makes sense, but like word verification, and even though I frequent those who use both (i.e. my daughter), I don’t like it. I suppose this could fall into the category of gossip?


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