Dance, dance little lady

I spotted in the local paper (online, as the paper version has become so badly laid out that I reluctantly cancelled my order for it) an article on a woman in S’wold whose dancing and performing career has lasted for 80 years; though she did start as a small child.  I recognised the name as someone who’d taught Weeza ballet, when she was at her prep school, so I sent her the link.  Weeza couldn’t remember the woman, only that she’d been obliged to learn ballet for a short time, along with the other girls, because they all refused to play rugby.  She thoroughly disliked it and it was dropped after a term.  I completely sympathise, I wouldn’t have liked it either.  I was a shy child and not inclined to prance about.  Weeza’s daughter, Zerlina, is the same.  She loves horse riding and swimming and is generally energetic and quite sporty, but dancing is definitely not for her.

Yet Squiffany is quite the opposite.  She’s good at gymnastics and ballet and is not at all averse to performing and even competing.  Yet, in company, she’s more reticent than Zerlina, who is very outgoing.

I measured Zerlina again the other day.  She is now a shade under four feet nine inches tall.  This child is still eight years old.  At this rate – she’s grown a centimetre in a couple of months – she will be taller than me by the time she’s ten.

This afternoon, we have mostly been vegetable gardening.  It’s all going well at the Zedary.

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